U.S. NPD Hardware Sales Watch 2008 - (January to August)

August 2008 U.S NPD hardware numbers are in. Let's see how it fits in the grand scheme of things.

Some interesting facts:

PS2's highest and lowest months are February and April respectively
PS3's highest and lowest months are June and August respectively
Wii's highest and lowest months are March and January respectively
360's highest and lowest months are March and May respectively
360 outsold the PS3 thrice this year in March, April and August
Wii outsold the competition handidly

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AngryXbot3475d ago

Now what, xbots?

How are you going to twist around this now huh?

PS3 outperformed 360 and has a bigger marketshare than 360.


juuken3475d ago

Oh, they'll spin this alright.

The 360 still outsold the PS3 in August in the United States by not 100,000 units but by 10,000 units.

Man, this console war cracks me up.

Captain Tuttle3475d ago

That last pie chart takes into account PSP and PS2 sales. 3 products vs 1. Sony better be ahead with that advantage.

Stryfeno23475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Nintendo is outselling Sony by 1.59:1

Owned +1

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3475d ago

This is JUST the - U.S NPD Hardware Sales Watch 2008 - (January to August)
NOT all of the World sales;)

+Why isn't the xBox 360 out selling the Wii for??? It's cheap??? I don't get it???

juuken3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

And Patch, the Wii is outselling the 360 as well.
Why only mention the PS3? -__-

Glad to see Nintendo doing well. Definitely picking up a Wii for Christmas. :3

Stryfeno23475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Because my dear...Sony has 3 products out in the market comparing to MS who just has 1.

jcfilth3475d ago

That's how amazing SONY is, they can handle 3 systems at a time while the competition forgets about them, where's the Gamecube, where's the Xbox? what's going to happen to the 360 and Wii after the next ones come? oooh that's what I thought.

SONY ftw!!

juuken3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago ) just wanted to bash the PS3 as usual.

It's amazing how Sony was able to keep three products on the market and have them doing so well, don't you think?

The PS2 is doing pretty well, considering it's been on the market for years already. The PSP is doing pretty good and the PS3 will follow the same way as well.

The truth is, the Wii is the console winner so far.

EDIT: I saw right through your comment. I'm not stupid. For someone who has *Patchstation* as a name, you're aiming to bash the PS3.

Stryfeno23475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )


You seem to forget that Nintendo are printing money left and right. However, Sony has lost millions. The end result for the console war should be which company is making or has made the most money/profit. Not who's in first and losing money.

Nintendo FTW!!!


How am I bashing?...The original poster said that the PS3 has a bigger marketshare than the 360. Which he/she is wrong. Sony has a bigger marketshare than MS because they have 3 products out.

Nintendo has 2 and kicking their @ss left and right.

Edit: No, no, no you have it all wrong. Patchstation the name is not there to bash Sony product (PS3)...Its just there because Playstation was already taken.

AngryXbot3474d ago

PS3 outsold 360 1.19 to 1 in the US throughout the year 2008. Thats USA only.

Meaning what? The 360 has to outsell the PS3 with the remaining 4 months left in order for it to sell as much as PS3 did.

But thats just NPD data. If we look worldwide, we know for sure, PS3 did better than 360 by more than 1.19 to 1.

And if we look at the line up for PS3 by the end of this year and crap60s line up, you are a frikkin liar if you can still say that 360 is outselling the PS3 by more than 1.19 to 1.

Youre retarded and moronic. PS3 is going to SLAUGHTER the 360 this holiday.

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jcfilth3475d ago

damn!!! look at the Wii. The Wii is like..."hey, can't touch me" lol

Kratos34523475d ago

Holy sh/t!!!
Just look at Nintendo.It's unbelievable how they can keep sales that constantly.

Damn you wii fit and wii sports.
Im betting that most adults that have wii's only play those games.

IdleLeeSiuLung3475d ago

Yeah, I really think that the worst case scenario is the Wii wins, which it probably will! Every other console company will from now on focus on casual gaming.

Close_Second3474d ago more focus on low cost, casual games with fewer development houses dedicating tens of millions on developing hardcore games.

To me, the Wii is like crack. The initial buzz seems fantastic but once that wears off you're left with something that leaves you feeling pretty empty. No, I don't take/use/sell drugs, but I hate the fact that Nintendo basically re-released their Game Cube with a motion controller and have kicked the competition. Given whats in the Wii its overpriced and underpowered and yet people are buying it like it was fast food!

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