GameSpot: Saints Row 2 Hands-On

By their very nature, sandbox games are open-ended experiences where the balance between story progression and time-wasting mischief is entirely up to the player. It's hard to take that formula and squeeze it into a short demo, which is why THQ recently invited GameSpot to spend an entire day with Saints Row 2. This extended play-through gave them ample time to plug away at the bandages-to-riches storyline, cause some chaos with real and improvised side missions, and take a spin through Stilwater in a co-op setting.

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N4G Member3541d ago

Doh, did they pull the article? I clicked on it and it sent me to the Gamespot SR2 News page but the most recent article i saw there was dated August 1st.

Someone bring forth this so called link so that i may clicky on it.