Worst Rock-Star Cameos of All Time

Question: Does anyone really care about the real musicians signed to appear in Guitar Hero: World Tour? Shouldn't the focus of games like Rock Band and GH be on you pretending to play an instrument? Case and Point: In Guitar Hero III, any moment given to taking in the mannerisms of Tom Morello, or the expressionless rock face of Slash is time spent not playing or missing notes, thus defeating the purpose of the game.

Licensing songs and instruments are all part of the experience, but the recent news that GH World Tour will feature appearances by Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins, Ozzy Osbourne and Tantric Jedi, Sting has GamesRadar a little weary. Why? As long as it doesn't dilute the gameplay, or cost them a shilling more, should anyone give a shit?

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