Jeff Green's Farewell GFW Radio in Audio and Video

Want to watch 1UP PC Editor in Chief Jeff Green munch a mouthful of tongue-numbing Toxic Waste? Freestyle rap with 1UP Reviews Editor Ryan Scott doing hype duty? Imagine his impoverished future in which he panhandles for Peggle money outside 1UP's office?

Serious meets seriously stupid as Green, Scott, and the entire GFW Radio ensemble discuss Spore, Far Cry 2, testicles, Anglerfishes, and whatever else they want on Jeff's final podcast -- an episode so special we created this three-part video version.

The audio version of this landmark episode is available right here or via iTunes if you're subscribed to our podcast feed. If you're more interested in actually watching us, check out the embedded videos in this story (first part above, second and third below the cut) or download them via Filefront: Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.

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