New NBA2K9 Info

1.) If a player hits a game winner, does his team celebrate?
A.) Yes.

2.) How has the association mode been upgraded? With no College Hoops 2K9 this year, have their been any major changes to the association mode that would enhance the draft portion the association mode? We've spent a lot of time this year with The Association, hence its moniker, The Association 2.0.

A.) Our philosophy with the experience this year was to 'bring it to life' while adding Authenticity on the level of magnitudes. Franchise modes have been guilty for years of delivering a very dry experience where information was delivered to the user via buried menus., which we believe will change the way content is presented to the user in all franchise modes, is at the heart of the mode delivering every fateful twist as it happens. Detailed information on The Association 2.0 and the rest of its features will be coming your way sometime next week. Sit tight, it will be worth the wait.

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