New Handheld Gaming Console Confirmed By Gizmondo Boss

Tired of your PSP? (Probably not, sales have lifted considerably recently.)
Bored of your DS? (Well actually, there are a stack of new games, home brews and peripherals coming out to add life to the classic handheld.)

Well then, whatever. Who asked you anyway. For the rest of us there is the new improved Gizmondo 2, now confirmed by Mediapower boss Rich Jenkins, who has shown off the (unpowered) system and has assured that it will be available throughout Europe by Christmas.

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HipHopGamerShowFan3599d ago

Only Europe by Christmas?


Le-mo3598d ago

Ooo Gizmondo, I give them a year. :)

Sony Rep3599d ago

Off topic, but: What I think the PSP and Sony need to do to be a real threat to Nintendo is drop all the media capabilities-- at least for the hand held, and focus primarily on marketing it as a games machine.

Many people often get confused with all the features and options and think of it as a complicated machine.

mazirjones3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Is your name supposed to be ironic?

RememberThe3573599d ago

I use mine primeraly as an MP3 player, work well. They need more software for it, but they should not drop any selling points.

Ttam3599d ago

What is this thing exactly?

TheColbertinator3599d ago

Oh boy.I cannot wait/sarcasm

Seriously,if they want to grab people's attention,a second analog stick might do the trick.

InfiniteUnfloppery3598d ago

I'm positive the Flop Hand-held has some sort of Microsoft Sponsorship,only they are known to invest in Multiple Failing Companies/Ideas/Products

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