GamesRadar: Need for Speed Undercover Preview

Gamesradar writes: "We've got a confession to make that goes against most critical response: we quite liked Need for Speed: ProStreet (at least on consoles). It was a competent and relatively accurate recreation of organized competitive racing events. Unfortunately, what ProStreet did at the same time was completely remove the essence of what made a Need for Speed game, leaving a dry approach to simulation in its place. Thankfully, the guys at EA Vancouver were equally as aware of the criticisms of ProStreet and have taken on board what gamers want from a Need for Speed title. The result is Need for Speed: Undercover – a return-to-roots fan service of the highest order".

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LinuxGuru3600d ago

In my opinion, every single need for speed game since the first Underground was a waste of my time.

Although, Most Wanted did kinda tickle my fancy briefly. I liked the whole open-world thing.