Sega Fans Round Out Top 11 Reasons Not to Go to Your High School Reunion

There are numerous reasons why you should not go to your high school reunion, and here are the eleven funniest ones. The first one being that you don't want to run into any Sega fans from back in the day.

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RKRigney3568d ago

screw sega fans. and the ps3

TheColbertinator3568d ago

??? Dude you belong inside the trunk of a burning car going off a cliff.Sega ruled

As for the comment

TheColbertinator3568d ago

What was wrong with the Genesis? It had Shining Force,Sonic,Phantasy Star and Sword of Vermillion which were the best games of all time.Old Wizard and their "journalists" gotta stop hating the Sega fan.

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The story is too old to be commented.