Books are an Untapped Resource for Video Games

At the moment, there are only a handful of examples of video games based entirely on a book, the most notable of which are Dmitry Glukhovsky’s Metro 2033 and Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher series. So why, then, aren’t more developers utilizing literary content for new video games? #benhutchings #gamerprofessionals

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MrAmazing507d ago

One piece of literature that I would love to see adapted as a game would be 'Don Quixote'. I think the wacky adventures of the Man of La Mancha has a lot of potential as an open-world quest based game, and since the series has so much character already, it would translate well into a game!

NukaCola507d ago

Moby Dick would be cool. I would really like a story focused on the water. Maybe a single player experience in third person.

I don't know how that would fly but I would really like a literal translation of the Book of Revelations has a role playing game. I can tell the story of Return of God and all that but be characterized verbatim in the book to include dragons and plagues and bowls in that sense. Actually defeating the devil and throwing hell In The Horseman into the great fire. I don't know who would find it but I think it would be a pretty Kick-Ass way to tell parts of the Bible. I actually think you would be really cool to pick out all kinds of different moments of the Bible. There used to be a game on NES that had different segments from different books of the Bible but it would be really nice if they could basically make a Bible game until stories from it.

Eonjay507d ago

I would say many of the themes or stories form Shakespeare's plays could be easily adapted as a decent game plot as well. I would also love to Douglas Adams.

fenome507d ago

The Dark Tower would be perfect for a video game setting.