Rumor : Cross Edge coming to US

"Cross Edge / X Edge looks like a licensing mess. It has Darkstalkers from Capcom, Reyvateils from Ar Tonelico which is now under the guise of Namco Bandai, various Gust characters from the Atelier series, and Etna from Nippon Ichi. Yikes. This is a bigger debacle than Chaos Wars, but somehow that got localized with hilariously awful voice acting. Apparently, Cross Edge is too. A trusted inside source tells me Cross Edge will see a US release by a company "we (i.e. Siliconera) know very well"."

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The gaming GOD3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Games like this needed to be introduced to the U.S. more

Chaos wars was a good start. Too bad we still never got Namco X Capcom officially (yes I know people download ISO and roms but those aren't official).

Zyklon-Breath3321d ago

Know what game would be cool?

Marvel vs. Capcom vs. SNK vs. DC vs. Everything Else.

Sort of like MUGEN, but on a home console.
And mabey keep it strictly to fighting characters.