IGN: Halo 4: The Way it Should Be

The Official Xbox Magazine dropped a megaton rumor: Independent developer Gearbox Software, makers of the Brothers in Arms series and The upcoming Borderlands shooter, is reportedly working on the next Halo game. Studio head Randy Pitchford has confirmed that his company is working on a massive unannounced project, but Gearbox has stopped short of confirming the Halo rumors.

If it's true, Gearbox has taken on the biggest challenge since The Flood came to town. Halo is one of the most beloved franchises in videogame history, and its fans are notoriously rabid about their favorite series. What would a "Halo 4" from Gearbox look like? How should it feel? Where and when should it take place? What role should Master Chief play? They aren't easy questions, and there are no simple answers, but the IGN Xbox Team is up to the task.

They have debated the pros and cons of three major aspects of a possible Gearbox Halo game – story, gameplay and online multiplayer – and recorded the results of their arguments. What should Gearbox do with the Halo legacy (spoiler alert)? Depends on who you ask.

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TrevorPhillips3480d ago

should not be halo 3.5 also should be higher then 564p lol and not overhyped and longer campaign

KobeT243480d ago

Halo without Bungie is an automatic fail no matter who the developers are.

Kill Crow3479d ago

could be said for MANY a game on all platforms

BabyStomper50003479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Halo 3 with Bungie was an automatic fail when it ended up being a little better than it's predecessor, and please don't bring up the argument of how good it sold. Just because lots of sheeple buy a game doesn't mean it's good. Look at GTA4. Hell I wouldn't mind if someone else made the next one, who knows maybe they'll have some kind of INNOVATION that will make it more than an average game.

vickers5003479d ago

"Halo without Bungie is an automatic fail no matter who the developers are."

Oh I beg to differ. Put infinity ward on that sh*t, and halo could become one of the best fps's of all time (gameplay wise).

BattleAxe3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

The way the game should be is...Good, not bad like it has been ever since it came out :0

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HipHopGamerShowFan3480d ago

Halo 4 RIP

The way it should be.

Pain3480d ago

After RFOM Halo is just a FPS for the kiddies. Xbox can keep it.

Deadman643480d ago

Darn right Xbox will keep it. And it will bring in a good chunk of change and sell a sh!tload of consoles whether you like it or not.

AngryXbot3479d ago

Since noone will see anything about lastgenlo4 for another 3 years at least.

Its like saying Killzone 3 should look like this and that.

TheOtherGuy3479d ago

halo 4?!!?!?!?more like FAILO 4 XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

cesc50003479d ago

Halo's rubbish, Haze is amazing, amazing graphics, sound, story, online, that game has everything, unlike halo, which reminds me of some dog poo I stepped in

AngryTypingGuy3479d ago

"Lastgenlo"...clever name. Although maybe you should call it, "WillOutsellAnyPS3GameNoM atterHowHardTheyTryLo". That would be more accurate.

mfwahwah3479d ago

Accuracy isn't always funny. That's why your comment was a pain to read, whereas I laughed a good bit at FAILO 4 (never thought of that heh).

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003480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

the first comment is already a negative one. Anyway I think they should make it based on the events just before halo 1.

Xi3480d ago

Or I wouldn't mind a halo set during the times of the forerunner/flood fights.

003480d ago

But you'd have to wonder how they would make it work.

ReBurn3480d ago

I hope they do something awesome with Halo 4. I was a bit disappointed by Halo 3. I'm thinking that a new developer might be just what the franchise needs. I'm hoping for a good single-player mode to go along with mindless hours of online fragging. I felt that Halo 3 came up short, but I have hopes that it can come back.

takedown3480d ago

Since master chief is spartan 117, maybe we get to play as new, unknown spartans?

ngg123453480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

They are making 4 titles (Samba De amigo, Borderlands, Brothers in Arms BIA, and Aliens FPS). Unless Gearbox has a dev team of 300, then this would be true. ANd if I wanted someone working on this game. I certainly wouldn't want Gearbox. Infinity Ward, Valve, and many other fps developers are superior to them.

TheColbertinator3480d ago

I recommend Crytek for Halo 4.Their CRYengine 2 makes Gears and Uncharted look like a game on the Wii

ngg123453480d ago

Extremely overrated. Game sucked, and was as boring as any game can be. ID Games, valve, or DICE could make a good fps.

nbsmatambo3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

insomniac makes pretty good fps =/

but imagine the irony lol

edit# y did i get a disagree? he just stated which studios make good fps', and so did i ='(

TheColbertinator3480d ago

Still I like the CRYengine 2.Maybe DICE would be a better candidate or possibly id Tech

MiloGarret3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Because you are comparing Insomniac to vastly superior devs. Insomniac has made one fps this gen, and it was average. If Res2 is incredible they might inch closer to the likes of ID, Valve and DICE, but they still won't even be close. We're talking about legendary devs here...

BabyStomper50003479d ago

IMO Halo 3 was "average".
I liked Resistance better than Halo 3, so IMO Resistance was a little above average.

MiloGarret3479d ago

And IMO halo 3 was crap, so that makes res average. But, whatever.

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