Hidetaka ‘Swery’ Suehiro Announces Retirement From Games Development

HPP: “Day 360, Unfortunately I retired from Access Games after all. However Don't worry, because my health condition is getting be fine. Love you!”

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derkasan628d ago

That's really too bad, but his health should come first.

UCForce628d ago

Protect your health is always main priority.

Imp0ssibl3628d ago

Agreed. Perhaps he can come back at a later time.

FullmetalRoyale628d ago

Gotta trust what your coffee says, after all.

NarooN628d ago

That sucks, but indeed he should concern himself with his health first. Hope he does well and continues to feel better.

eldingo628d ago

bummer gonna miss you swery loved deadly premonition hope your health gets better man.

Blank628d ago

Man this is a bummer, he has great creativity. Thank goodness that I got my Deadly Premonition collectors edition, I appreciate the game and the soundtrack!

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