Nintendo responds to NPD data

"Nintendo DS and Wii again topped the hardware sales charts for August, according to the independent NPD Group, which tracks video game sales in the United States. In August, more than 514,000 portable Nintendo DS systems sold in the United States, bringing the lifetime U.S. total to nearly 22 million. In August, more than 448,000 Wii consoles sold in the United States, bringing the lifetime U.S. total to nearly 12 million and extending its lead as the best-selling video game console of this generation."


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Hagaf223568d ago

i just dont get why people are still buying the wii, dont get me wrong i own one, but seriously the system lacks good games in its huge library. i have, what 5-6 games, and thats it. i mean its fun for awhile, but then thats it. mine just sits there and collects dust between me playing it. i can only take so many mini game collections, im still waiting something unique to fully utilize the systems controller in a way that works more than it frustrates.

ChickeyCantor3568d ago

" but seriously the system lacks good games in its huge library"

This is the thing that doesn't get in to your thick skull xD.
You may think it's lacking good games, but Carnaval games SOLD really dirty.

What is sh/t to you might be "the" thing for them.

Seriously stop with the "mini" game argument, its been proven that better games are comming out(I'm not ignoring the mini games i know they are there...but if you keep mentioning it you basically are blocking out all those other games)

TheColbertinator3568d ago

The Wii is selling because Nintendo knows strategy.It is the theme of the future console.To have both strong casual and strong hardcore support is the key to victory.

Nintendo FTW

Nitrowolf23568d ago

im going to have to say that there are allot of little kids that want it, and the Wii targets the family mybe that why it is selling so well

3568d ago
TheColbertinator3568d ago

As a hardcore Nintendo fan,I will admit part of the reason the Wii sells is because of price and females.But the biggest reason is because of good games.I have no problem with options on the Wii and it provides many.

Even though Nintendo is lacking true hardcore titles this year,they have grabbed important 3rd party publishers like Namco Bandai,Sega,and EA to increase the Wii catalogue.

Nitrowolf23568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

ya the Wii does have plenty of games. Out of all 3 console it has the most i think. I donk think any system really lacks games, because if you think about it, it really is up to each consumer to decide that. "lacking" could mean allot of things to different people. i dont think the PS3 lacks games, but you do.
im not attacking you btw if it seems like that, then im sorry

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Gr813568d ago

once Wii gets the AAA third party support what the argument against the system will be. Give it a rest, theres so much to look forward to with the Wii, its really changed the game. Just like analogue sticks, I gaurantee that motion controls will be implemented by every next gen console.

Mahr3568d ago

"I'm wondering once Wii gets the AAA third party support what the argument against the system will be."

The same arguments as now, most likely.

Step 1: Someone says the Wii has no AAA third party support.

Step 2: Someone else counters with a list of games generally accepted to be incredibly well done that have been released by third parties, i.e., Umbrella Chronicles, Zack and Wiki, No More Heroes, etc.

Step 3: The first person nitpicks the list into oblivion for arbitrary reasons ("A rail shooter, a point and click adventure, and a game released by Grasshopper? Not AAA!") and concludes that the Wii has no AAA third party support for the hardcore.

Repeat Steps 1-3.

The only difference will be that the list offered in step 2 will be longer.

Product3568d ago

i own 5 wii games(17 vc games) and im completely satisfied by the wii.

PS360WII3568d ago

Awesome stuff. So 4 games in the top 10 and who says Wii games don't sell ;) plus Guitar Hero on DS still trucking along. Who knew that had legs as well. I was almost wondering if Madden for the Wii would make the top 10 but there it is lol.

Great hardware sales too. DS just can't be touched

LikAChicken3568d ago

i thought it was pswii60?

deno3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

since sega left the hardware business nintendo has been my new home. I happy with all my wii games and waiting for rygar/ conduit/ day of disaster/

TheColbertinator3568d ago


I still miss the Sega but they live on the Wii now with MadWorld and on the DS with Phantasy Star

Sony Rep3568d ago

Sega pledges to their masters: Sony. You know, the same company that ousted them and left you with a $199.99 coaster.

chanmasta3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

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