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mohib-uddin79865323264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

I expected the PS3 to beat the 360

Patcher was wrong again ! It seems like whatver patcher predicits for PS3 is always opposite

mohib-uddin79865323264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

Also did you know that NPD does not include bundled sales in there data

So in July when PS3 outsold Xbox 360 2:1 becuase of MGS4 they didnt include the bundle sales !

Aclay3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

Well, as usual, the actual hardware sales are lower than predicted numbers.... also Sony was phasing out the 40GB model to make way for the new 80GB PS3's in August.

I did expect the PS3 to outsell the 360 in August, but 10,000 units isn't much anyways.

Breakfast3264d ago

1. Wii - 453.0K
2. 360 - 195.2K
LAST PLACE - PlayStation 3 - 185.4K

I didnt even have to put thought into this comment. Thank you Sony, for making my life easy.


Overr8ed3264d ago

meh. 1 losing month (without much lost) vs a few months (that lost by a lot). I wonder which one is better?

jmare3264d ago

Live it up. I'm sure your life will be much better now for the next month until the next set of NPD's numbers come out. Walk tall!

Oh and when you add it all up, MS is in third as far as hardware sales. Kind of makes it a pyrrhic victory, doesn't it?

NO_PUDding3264d ago


Shockingly this year that isn't really the norm. Cannot wait for this holiday season battle.

But feck me at the low Wii sales. Is the fad winding down?

mikeslemonade3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

Once again PS3 outsells the 360 worldwide again.

morganfell3264d ago

Well I expected the PS3 to top out to and it didn't. I certainly called that US sales figure wrong. But I was wrong and didn't dodge it. As soon as I saw the news at Neogaf I submitted the tip and it was used in one of the many NPD stories now waiting approval.

Wii sales are way down and that is surprising. I hope the Wii is finally losing it's appeal and publishers will get back to focusing on more hardcore titles.

Montrealien3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

once again the PS3/360 are pushing around 200k a piece and the Wii is over 400k can it go any better for our home consoles industry industry? These kinds of numbers keep blowing my mind month over month. 10 years we could only dream our beloved industry would be rolling this big. Grats to all manufactures.

and on another note, Motorstorm 2 is available to download for Qore users! :D

beoulve3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

good that they got outsold, i hope they got outsold in US this September. If they don't. PS3 price won't come down. I think they are due for another price cut, $50 aint so much. Pricecut on holiday season will put them in very good shape.

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IdleLeeSiuLung3264d ago

WOW, 360 beat the PS3. I said it before and I will say it again, things turn around so fast in the gaming industry. Last year the 360 was beating PS3 and everybody spelled doom and gloom for Sony. Just mere months into the year, the PS3 gained the lead on the 360 until now.

One thing is for certain, 360 has the lead over the PS3 in total numbers sold. Will the PS3 ever catch up with this back and forth tag game?

Either way, I'm enjoying my games. That is all I care about!

ThePhantomDisagreer3264d ago

Fanboys rejoice. Xbox sold more, ps3 sold more, blablablabla. Who cares!? Your lives obviously suck, and they will continue to do so as long as care about this crap as much you all obviously do.

Monchichi0253264d ago

But it will be quite awhile before the PS3 jumps back ontop of the 360. That price drop is really gonna help 360's fly off the shelves this holiday season. Nothing against the PS3's, but $199 is quite a pricepoint for the mass market.

The PS3 is gonna have to counter with a pricedrop themselves.

ShinMaster3264d ago


PS3 total for the year: 2,018,400

360 total for the year: 1,740,000


Megaton3264d ago

Can't believe Pachter still gets paid for what he does. A monkey pointing at one of two cards reading "360" and "PS3" could probably be correct more often than Pachter.

Soren the Cat3264d ago

I know, it has gotten laughable how often he is wrong. Does anyone take him seriously anymore? (that's a serious question)

Raptors3264d ago

Sony loses for the month and I can hear the chorus of excuses from a mile away. Who cares, it was only 10K...why make up excuses about it? The ps3 lost for one month, the world isnt gonna end...geez. You sony diehards are outta control man...

jaysquared3264d ago

You can't really blame the PS3 fans for gloating.. They need something positive after Sony got their @sses handed to them in a silver platter by M$ the last two years! Mark my words it will also happen this year!

joeblk103264d ago

They do include bundled sales data for the systems just not games.

Nate Frog3264d ago

The 360 has started the PS3 a** beating a month early. Next month it's going to be hilarious reading the spin PS3 fanboys try to put on the PS3's vicious beating in the U.S.

RoidRage3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

I wouldn't sweat the disagree's. They likely came from Mohib-Uddin and his band of muslim spam account cyber terrorists. His group goes to great lengths to hurt the U.S. economy by trying to bring down Microsoft. Good news is that I'm sure the DHS is watching him by now.

Check out his Anti-American/Microsoft post history

GarandShooter3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

@ Breakfast

'I didnt even have to put thought into this comment.'

Why start now and ruin your record? :)

It would be interesting to know how many of these units may have been the 'clearance' 20GB.

Keep the competition going for our benefit.

morganfell3264d ago

Well jaysquared you must mean the US and not worldwide because according to the figures from MS, they were outsold by Sony in 2007 worldwide.

BiggDaddy3113264d ago

less than 200,000 units for both companies sucks. I know that everyone is gearing up for the price drop and new SKU but damn that is a crappy number. The PS2 is still selling 100,000+ units a month...Who the heck is buying PS2 every month.

uxo223264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

Dude, please you're embarrassing yourself. It is what it is.

@Garandshooter - "It would be interesting to know how many of these units may have been the 'clearance' 20GB"

Does it really matter, I mean, a sell is a sell. Besides, I feel a lot of people decided "NOT" to buy in August due to the pending September price drop.

mikeslemonade3264d ago

I will see you guys whenever the worldwide, european, and japanese sales are out etc. You 360 fans only have bragging rights for America. And big whoop the 360 beat the PS3 in America for the 2nd month this year? Your system is much cheaper so it better sell more.

Thugbot1873263d ago

Wait for the holidays to see Sony make a comeback; wait for 2009 that will be Sony’s year; Just Wait Sony will win this war. I’m just not sure how anyone is arriving at those conclusions. Sony has too many things working against it.

The difficulty in unlocking its potential has held the PS3 back from showing us any truly extraordinary graphic advantage over the 360.

The game library is the smallest among the 3 consoles with a great many of the multi system games getting a better game score on the 360 (It is true this is starting to diminish as factor as the PS3 improves).

PS2: Still competes against the PS3 and while many of the users from this site are loyal to a brand many of the PS2’s casual gamers are open to any system that catches there eye by price, features, or game library; and let’s face it they aren’t interested in the future unlock able potential of the consoles power.

This time around Sony is unlike to drop the price on the PS3 to a level in which it can compete with Microsoft or Nintendo. In part because shareholders are unlikely to want to see the PS3 post a profit not a loss. This is evident in Sony’s stance of not wanting to buy exclusives, when everyone knows it was common knowledge they did this in the PS2 and PSOne days. We all know the PS3 is the best valued and cheapest BLURAY player on the market. Dropping would certainly increase demand in the short term for BLURAY but would only hurt Sony more than benefit them as the other producers of the player would be unlikely to produce the player at a significant loss. Not to say Sony has to play its BLURAY stratigey the right way because other more advanced optical disc technologies are closing on its heels and 200GB or even 400GB that BLU RAY is offering isn’t relevant when we are entering an era where Terabytes of information is at our fingertips. Also let’s not forget Microsoft will release the 720 if they feel Sony is going to surpass them.

SL1M DADDY3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

I had an ultimate blast last night playing PAIN and COD4. The new Abusement Park is awesome in PAIN, you all should try it. Oh, and Motorstorm 2 is the absolute chit! Pure awesomeness.

Montrealien3263d ago

(and Motorstorm 2 is the absolute chit! Pure awesomeness. )

So Motorstorm 2 is chit and Pure is awesome? lol, jk

I actually really like both, one is Pure ATV goodness, and the other is awesome chaos. But one thing I did notice in the Motorstorm 2 demo is that the tracks don`t deform, is that only on that stage? I would presume so.

Megatron083263d ago

I fairly sure that the ps3 had the highest (not counting the wii) sales for 4 months this year and the 360 had the highest the other 4 months. So they have been really fighting it out till this point. However the 360 just effectively shut the ps3 out for the rest of the year. I think anyone with half a brain knows that cause of the price cut the 360 got sept in the bag, with gears 2 and price the 360 has a lock on Nov and Dec leaving only Oct. Not sure if the ps3 has anything coming in oct that will sell but the 360 has Fable 2 and while it will sell millions. I dont think its going to sell a lot of systems so there is a small chance that the ps3 can win in oct.

Barca_V_V3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

LBP and Socom will be released in october ....

and since LBP is the most awaited game by ps3 owners i think its gonna make a difference in october sales

power of Green 3263d ago

Looks like I was right, gamers knew about the clearance due to MSFT advertising it on XBL before it started and word spread that a new SKU would be releasing in just a couple of weeks. Gamers/consumers waited, getting 3 times the space.

This is the phenomenon PS3 fans were taking advantage of when they were saying the "price cut didn't sell more consoles". lol