I Promise: After Booth Babes Wore My Final Fantasy XV Mask, It Did Not Haunt Anything

"A bunch of game babes wore a Final Fantasy XV mask, but then the mask went absolutely insane, which I guess is truly in the Halloween spirit."

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The7Reaper748d ago

This was stupid what was the point of this?

Rivitur748d ago

We need a hot chick article once a month, starting early I guess

The7Reaper748d ago

"hot chick" you see her face? Good thing this was posted on Halloween

RedDevils748d ago

You must be into dude or transgender type lol

Fist4achin748d ago

I agree. She had a weird look about her

PhoenixUp748d ago

Don't matter if you gotta butterface as long as you got a nice rack

Smitty2020748d ago

Haha I didn't look at the face

CrimsonWing69748d ago

Woof... I'm sorry but man that girl is unattractive,,,