Fight Night 4 "Leaked" Mo-Cop Footage

GameXtract writes "Recently IGN revealed that EA would announce Fight Night Round 4. It's now official, and EA held an event in which they showed the press, and the audience that attended some live motion capture for the game. I've seen motion captures before, and it's quite interesting to see how it's delivered into digital format, but if your a die hard Fight Night fan then this might exceedingly peek your interest. Video can be viewed after the jump. To warn viewers the video is "leaked" which can also be translated to "crappy audio, and visual quality".

Get the video after the jump.

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TheColbertinator3598d ago

I'm glad EA remembers about this gem

sonarus3598d ago

WOW MUST BUY. Tyson and lenox lewis:D

ilkercruiser3598d ago

Admin of turkish sony fan site :))

Mr4023598d ago

While I loved the game I felt they sold out the absolutely great total punch control by allowing the old button control system to be used. Fast fighters were very tough to beat using the sticks vs someone just using the buttons. Let's hope they even the playing field by making the total punch control the true "Superior" control system. Oh and can we get the Hitman Tommy Hearns on the game please EA? You need the Motor City Cobra in this game!

Nevers3598d ago

But sweet god!! Peter Moore in a boxing robe !!!
.. ugh.

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