Target Ad 10/30 - 11/5: B2G1 On All Video Games

Take a look at the latest Target weekly ad.

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crazychris4124775d ago

Download the kids wishlist app for an extra 10% off. I got 3 brand new games for only $115 with free shipping.

C-H-E-F775d ago

what games did you get?

crazychris4124774d ago

Fifa 17, Nba 2k17 and Uncharted. Gamestop always has buy 2 get 1 free on pre owned games so I'll get God of War, Last of Us remastered and Infamous for $30. Will try to beat those, lend them to a friend and use trade in bonus towards Horizon 0 Dawn. Should get $25-$30.

C-H-E-F774d ago

Nice, Another good place to go for games is Facebook Marketplace, although it's alot like craigslist it's alot more user friendly and I think possibly safer. I was able to get 2k17 for 20 bucks off of there.

But yeah I picked up Skyrim, Titanfall 2 and Deus Ex for 124$. (All were 59.99). I think i'm going to go back when that VR game Robinson comes out. And possibly pick up 2 other VR titles as well. I call this early christmas lOl.