AtomicGamer: R&C: Quest for Booty Review

What's especially cool about this title isn't even the experience itself, but the promise it holds for future such content. While nothing has been officially announced, one can only imagine this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship between one of gaming's greatest duos and PSN. Just imagine being treated to new R&C content every couple of months, while the developers utilize the feedback from these offerings to create a better full-on retail title.

Whether you began busting up baddies as Ratchet on the PS2, or this is your first go-round with the lovable Lombax, you'll find QfB is one of the best titles to ever trek down the PSN path.

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Hagaf223627d ago

oddly high review, not that im saying its wrong but a meta of 77 and you give it a 90, but then again it happens with every game, there are the extremes at both ends. love this series though so much fun.