PlayStation Store Update

Today the update is released. It contains

JEOPARDY! ($14.99)
Test your knowledge on America's Favorite Quiz Show! Available for the first time on the PLAYSTATION Network, players can experience the fast-paced fun of JEOPARDY! Featuring a photorealistic 3D set and clues from the producers of the T.V. show, players can compete in solo mode or challenge a friend to a battle of the brains. Be the first to buzz in and vie to become a JEOPARDY! champ!
ESRB Rated E
File size: 171 MB
Add-on Game Content
PAIN Amusement Park ($5.99)
PAIN has been a PSN hit mostly for its hilarious and addictive gameplay. Now, the first add-on environment, Amusement Park, takes PAIN to a new heights with six modes, including four new ones - Hot n' Cold, Clown Toss, Trauma, and Call da Shot. Launch your character into the park and let the rides fling you around with longer runs and ooch times. It's more PAIN than you ever imagined!
File size: 50.6 MB

And much more.

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CViper3474d ago

this should be fun. We should get a non-cheaters-honor-union going or somethin.. I dunno.

Jamegohanssj53474d ago

I wish I could, but I have no moneys right now :(.


will113474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

Want jeopardy for free?, im buying jeopardy and if i reach 4(Four) bubbles within the next 1 hour i will give the 4 random people that post under me my account info to download jeopardy for free.

DTClown3474d ago


bubbles for your troubles.

beefynachos3474d ago

How about if you get to 3 bubbles?

Gamefan793474d ago

i gave you a bubble congrats to you.I love jeopardy

butterfinger3474d ago

I can't wait! I'm downloading as we speak. I'm all for the non-cheating honor code system thing. lol

Siesser3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

I'll get thi game eventually and take on all! Shame I missed this exclusive freebie offer

CViper3474d ago

Yeah i have a feeling there is going to be a ton of cheating going on.. but heck.. lets give it a spin!

Jack_Burton3474d ago

Hooked you up with some bubbles..

Microsoft_Spokesman3474d ago

Bubble for you will. Please contact me, my PSN is gunnerheadboy.

solidsnakus3474d ago

why are you giving him bubbles? he obviously only has 2 cause hes an obnoxious asshole fanboy.

chaosatom3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )


PSN: chaosatom

TheTimeDoctor3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

i got ripped off theres no trebek!

red5ive3474d ago

i bought jeopardy. no trebek, not as fun as i thought, and it's 15 bucks man! ahh crap. i coulda bought another pizza.

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Darkiewonder3474d ago

downloading Motorstorm 2 Demo now ^^

Rick Astley3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

Same here. The Mirror's Edge theme looks amazing, by the way.

Edit: Omfg Mototstorm 2 makes Pure look like a Wii game. Seriously. LOL!

Megaton3474d ago

Downloading right now. HURRY UP!

Ozzyb3474d ago

Yea, the Mirror's Edge theme is very nice. The colors are really vibrant, though the white is hard to look at for long. (Good thing I don't sit there and stare at my XMB then XD)

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Vicophine3474d ago

Does Jeopardy have trophies? If yes, instant purchase.

Darkiewonder3474d ago

no. it may get patched later.

Vicophine3474d ago

Oh okay thanks, bubbles.

butterfinger3474d ago

that Wheel of Fortune will release with trophies, though:P

ThatArtGuy3474d ago

works with the Rock Band Stratocaster?

hektop3474d ago

The aerosmith game has been updated to version 1.10 and it is compatible with Rock Band guitar, I know I have play it with both guitars yesterday. Finally

vegetassj513474d ago

no nba live or nba 2k... i couldn't get nba live 09 demo on the 360 cuz i don't have gold so i have to wait a week and i was hoping it came out on the psn today

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The story is too old to be commented.