Why Pokémon is the Bane of America

It's a little known fact that Pokémon is the most disgusting piece of sacrilege ever forced upon the millions of innocent children in the world. investigates in this special report.

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RKRigney3596d ago

I'll admit it. I used to love those darn pokemans..

RKRigney3596d ago

Scary pokemans are scary

hombrehambre3596d ago

For everyone who's too big of a spaz to get the joke, it's humor. I know that those types of people will be commenting regardless... funny article, though.

Max Power3596d ago

you mean to tell me that is a joke website, as in ,they like to make up humorous posts....NO WAY!!

tinydancer3596d ago

It was better in the '90s when there were a feasible number of the fellas, though

Vicophine3596d ago

Go Haunter! (I love Haunter <3)

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The story is too old to be commented.