High Voltage: Wii the best platform for FPS games

Even though there are some stand-out FPS titles on the Wii, the release of such games are too few and far between. Metroid Prime 3 was essentially the stepping stone for FPS controls on Wii, followed by Medal of Honor: Heroes 2. What does High Voltage Software, creators of The Conduit think about FPS games on the Wii? Eric Nofsinger, in an interview with NintendoFIN, noted that Nintendo's system is best for FPS titles.

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Jamegohanssj53594d ago

What? I was too busy laughing at the name Wii.


thePatriot3594d ago

great online multiplayer is the heart and soul of FPS's. something Wii does not have. (hart and soul)

Intrepid3594d ago

Have you played a Wii game with FPS controls?

ItsDubC3594d ago

I keep saying this, but I really wish I could use my Wii remote to play FPSs on my PS3. The IR is perfect for FPS gameplay whereas dual analogs are cumbersome and tacky. This is why I'm looking forward to The Conduit and at the same time couldn't care one bit about KZ2 or Resistance 2.

ChickeyCantor3594d ago

Try glovepie and Jdoom on your PC =D!
(bluetooth and Wii-remote sold separately XD)

BrotherNick3594d ago

Yeah, nothing feels better than aiming like a real gun. :O

jtucker783594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Do real guns have the trigger on top of the barrel then?
Better tell Samus to sort hers out :-)

I always thought the Nyko "wii-mote cradling" Gun would be a great way to play a FPS, but sadly I never bought one... :-(

Voiceofreason3594d ago

Yes pull up the ONE game where the main has a futuristic weapon strapped to her arm and try to pretend that it resembles a real gun.... How pathetic... Thats just arguing for the sake of arguing without having any kind of valid point. Anyway it is still point and shoot, thats closer to real than anything PS3 has to offer. Just accept it and move on.

jtucker783593d ago

Do you know what is even more pathetic? Following my comments round N4G waiting for me to say something non-positive about Nintendo.

I'm flattered that I'm special enough for you to scuttle around after, but can you please crawl away?

Seriously, can you just set me to "ignore" and go out into the playground and make friends ... instead of trolling N4G looking for comments to be offended by.

You've obviously struggled, because that comment was a joke.
Read my other two comments in this article, I'm complimenting the IR aiming mechanism. I've always thought it was a good way of aiming.
I've not always been complimentary about the Wii system. I'll admit that I don't like the console, but the IR function for FPS is great.

Take a note out of BrotherNick, DubC and Product's book (you know, articulate and rational Nintendo fans) and stop being so abusive when someone doesn't have exactly the same opinion as you have.

Grow up and stop following me you silly little boy.

Voiceofreason3593d ago

First nobody is following you, just trying to show you how retarded your extremely poor point was. Secondly nobody cares enough about your opinion to follow you. Third, ignore is for kids. As an adult I understand that not everyone feel the same way I do. Ignoring someones view doesnt change that. I am not so insecure that I need to ignore the comments of children. I just point out how stupid they are. Maybe thats why you are crying and trying to turn this into something it isnt. You are the perfect example of a 12 year old troll who only wants to trash things and anyone who knows you are wrong needs to go away and let you hate out of ignorance.. Seriously maybe it's you that needs to leave.. You are the one who cant seem to understand that you are not the only one allowed to have an opinion. If you dont like my comments how about not going around trolling. BTW you really need to get a clue what trolling is. Calling someone who is telling a troll off doesnt make them a troll but thats what you are trying to claim. MAybe if you didnt troll the Wii news looking for negatives to say constantly you wouldnt be confused thinking others are some how interested in what you say simply because they like to point out how stupid your comments are. Your whole post can be sumed up as follows. " Waaaaa How dare you not agree with my opinion.. I cant handle not having everyone agree with me so can you please leave me alone because I live in my own little world away from reality"" I'll probably be getting PM's from your mom next asking me why I cant let you just spout whatever BS you want. Never bothering to understand that its not just about you. Anyway go cry some more and leave more posts that have nothing to do about whats being said.

N4g_null3593d ago

No one is following you around you keep posting troll comments in a Wii thread? Do you get it? You don't like the Wii but you keep showing up as if you do. You don't see me showing up for stuff on the HD consoles LOL.

Just know if you post in a Wii thread then you will get a conversation not some N4g bash and flame battle. You should get any attachment that help you play better though. The fact that you didn't know where the shot button for metroid sort of proves A) you may have a Wii but your too young to buy what you want B) you simple past over metroid because of the review score. C) you simply are not good enough to get past the first boss. Hey if none of that applies to you then cool but if it does then those are your problems welcome to the real world or ask for your own Wii.

Or you are an HD gamer and you just can not stand seeing a lower spec game get props and claim it self to be better. I can understand but I'm still wondering if this is true because even at 400FPS on my box I still play quake 3 heavily tweaked because real gamers like graphic that are good enough but controls and frame rate are your best friend. If you didn't know that then you are playing a Wii sports version of FPS on a system that was way more expensive.

How bought the HD guys show us all game play wise why we should want to play games on their system? I mean release a new controller? I mean really hardcore gamers don't want that stupid control pad any more we had it for 3 gens now and it is broken and does need to be fixed. Give us a damn good reason to play the game on their system rather than crapped out graphics compared to the PC. I don't want a friggin media center either!

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Product3594d ago

People who dis the ir control havent played Metroid and obviously are to hardheaded to admit the controls are as good as your gonna get from a console fps.Laugh all you want about the wii,the controls are the best for fps on a console.

jtucker783594d ago

I've used them they are great once you get used to the expert scheme.
Samus turned a little slowly in Metroid to be useful in a multiplayer scenario though, but the conduit looks like its got it covered.

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