FIFA 09 Demo Play-test

FIFA Soccer Blog writes:

"Hey guys, here is my Demo Playtest of FIFA 09..... Have to say I am loving this game!"

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Wotbot3419d ago

it plays just like Fifa. That's the main problem.

PES for me once again this year, especially as the Champs league is now officially licensed.

jromao3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

I was hoping better gameplay but once again this game is being over hyped, looks ok but keep lacking the true feeling of football, I even found some flaws e.g. penalty kicks with players placed in wrong side after the short cut-scene. Ball physics isn't well done making ridiculous some rebounds. When we pay closer attention to players running we can see the legs animation is faster than the distance they travel, etc...

I was hoping much better than this as I had in my mind to grab this new FIFA 2009, after this DEMO, no thanks. Last PES 2008 beats this version too.

Just one more game over hyped, unfortunately the usual with some game developers/editors, a shame.

mac4u103419d ago

Same here Wotbot yr right FIFA IS STILL FIFA