Gamertell Review: Mario Super Sluggers for Wii

Gamertell has posted a mixed review of Mario Super Sluggers for the Wii, citing come of the minigames, utilization of the WiiMote and Nunchuck attachment and ability to play as your Mii in many modes as positives. Mii. As for negatives, it cites annoying background music, sometimes touchy controls and depth issues.

From the review:

"Mario Super Sluggers does offer a fair balance of cute and fun Mario style amusements with a bearable baseball game. It's (thankfully) more complex than the earlier, more simplistic arcade-style sports games, which helps keep it just above an average rating.

Even so, there are still some flaws and this is certainly not a pick-up-and-play-right-away game. You will definitely want to rent or borrow this before you buy just to test your tolerance level, especially if you have a standard shaped TV screen."

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