The Tech Report Review: Asus' Lamborghini VX3 notebook

Perry Longinotti writes:

"If you're a PC hardware enthusiast, Asus is well known to you. A long history of making great motherboards and video cards has given the company a large amount of credibility and goodwill in the community. Asus has also been making PC products for other, more established brands for a number of years. However, to the average Joe, the Asus name doesn't mean much, and it's not the least bit sexy. Perhaps tired of working in this relatively cachet-free anonymity, Asus partnered with exotic super-car maker Lamborghini to produce a line of luxurious laptops.

While most folks haven't heard of Asus, Lamborghini is an icon in the automotive industry, well known for not only the performance of its machines, but also their flamboyant style. An entire generation of now-30-something men grew up with a Countach on their bedroom walls. The pairing of PC and automotive brands might seem a little odd, but tech journalists have been abusing car analogies for years. Asus isn't the only one aping super-cars, either; Acer has a line of Ferrari-branded notebooks, and Porsche has had a hand in notebook design, as well.

Of course, Asus hasn't just slapped a Lamborghini logo onto one of its laptops and called it a day. Instead, the company has carefully crafted a high-end system wrapped in magnesium and leather, with remarkable attention to detail. The 12.1" Lamborghini VX3 is also primed for performance with a Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB of memory, GeForce graphics, and both 3- and 9-cell batteries. Keep reading to see whether the VX3 lives up to the high expectations associated with the Lamborghini name."

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