ZTGD Review: Pirates Vs. Ninjas Dodgeball

What it all boils down to is this game lacks a lot to make it a fun dodgeball game. The camera doesn't fit and the action is bit too slow-paced for some. Unfortunately, this is your only good option for a dodgeball game on the XBLA (we are going to forget the extremely terrible Double D Dodgeball). On the bright side for ten bucks you will be hard pressed to find a better dodgeball experience outside of the original NES classic and when you manage to wrestle up seven other players online it can be quite entertaining. Not quite the classic some were expecting, but still far from the dud some have claimed it to be.

+ Descent on-line play
+ Interesting story
+ Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Robots vs. Zombies!
- Slow-paced dodgeball
- Camera sucks
- Lack of variety in game modes

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