Fatal Frame II Is Still One Of The Scariest Games You Can Play

There are some cultures that believe taking a photograph captures a part of your soul. Your job in Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly is to fight horror by recording it.

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Malice-Flare774d ago

if only Koei-Tecmo didn't let this get locked up with Nintendo, they could have been riding the new wave of horror inspired by P.T. and Kitchen...

Venox2008774d ago

Wii remake of this is cool too

Prototype_79L773d ago

One of the best things in Fatal Frame 2 is the moment when you realize why is the title is "Crimson Butterfly". This is the peak of the series, just like the Silent Hill 2.

The_Sage773d ago

The Fatal Frame games were great, then they made the move to Nintendo and became irrelevant. Stupid all the way around.