Tom's Games: Age of Conan Review

Travis Meacham writes: "When it comes to video games, the massively multiplayer variety is a strange beast. These games slowly evolve over time getting further and further away from the retail box version. Other games get patches or downloadable content but, for the most part, they stay the same. In addition to their constantly changing nature MMOs attract a wide range of player types. There's the casual player who solos much of the game, the guild players who like to take on the challenges in groups and the PvP'ers who seek only to annihilate and dominate their fellow players. You have players who love to create lots of new characters and level them all up slowly and players who race to the level max in order to start the end-game content. Then you have the raiders, crafters, entrepreneurs and even players who do it all. MMOs cast a wide net across the gaming populace and that net often has many holes."

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