The Voice Of Deckard Cain, Private Carmine Talks About Roles In 'Diablo III,' 'Gears of War 2,' More

MTV Multiplayer writes: "You might not have heard of Michael Gough, but you've definitely heard him.

Not to be confused with the English gentleman who played Alfred in the older "Batman" films, the veteran voice actor has been lending his vocals to cartoons and video games for over 20 years.

Though he doesn't play video games, he's done the voices for countless characters, including Osmund Saddler in "Resident Evil 4," Deckard Cain in the "Diablo" series, Private Carmine in "Gears of War," Johnny Sasaki in "Metal Gear Solid 3" and "MGS 4," Heimdall in "Too Human," Captain Price in "Call of Duty" and "CoD2? as well as Shrek in the licensed movie games to name just a few.

I recently called up Mr. Gough (pronounced "goff") to talk about his expansive voice-acting career, what he thought about how much Michael Hollick made for playing Niko Bellic in "Grand Theft Auto IV," and what we can expect from the return of fan favorites Deckard Cain and Carmine… "

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