Gamernode: Penumbra: Requiem Review

Gamernode writes: "Penumbra: Requiem is Frictional Games' expansion of their stellar first-person adventure game from earlier this year, Penumbra: Black Plague. While Requiem is an immediate continuation thereof, it appears to draw almost equally as much design influence from Valve Software's critical darling, Portal. Unfortunately for gamers, Requiem doesn't quite live up to the standard set by either of those titles.

Requiem picks up where Black Plague left off, in the minutes after the game's final scene. The team has shifted focus this time around from a story-driven adventure to a segmented first-person puzzle game, where players are placed inside a series of loosely tied, fundamentally different environments, with the sole purpose of reaching each successive level exit and moving another step closer to the game's authoritative resolution."

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