PS2 On PS4 Prediction: SSX Will Arrive On PS4 Before Steep Launches

When PS2 titles are popping up on PS4 isn't on a given pattern, but We Write Things is willing to wager classic SSX games will be popping up this winter.

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The first 2 games i was dying to see on the ps2 classics list were SSX and Manhunt. all we need is ssx

frostypants570d ago (Edited 570d ago )

Remastered SSX Tricky with online MP. PLEASE.

God I'd play the HELL out of that.

Immorals570d ago

SSX 3 is one of my favourite games every. Still have my original xbox copy that I play on my 360 occasionally!

Kizwiz6570d ago

I miss the old fun arcade games. SSX Tricky and SSX 3 were amazing games. Those remastered with better graphics and online MP? Easy money.

LucasRuinedChildhood570d ago

I really doubt it tbh. There's probably too many licencing issues, and EA simply aren't bothered. They should sell off the rights and let someone else actually do something with it.

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