Transformers Makes Huge Comeback Due To Blu-ray Sales reports; according to Nielsen VideoScan First Alert data, last week's release of 'Transformers' was the third best selling title (Blu-ray and DVD) of the week. The resurgence in sales of this catalog title was mostly due to the Blu-ray release, which made up 2/3rd of all sales of that title. On the Blu-ray-only chart, 'Transformers' crushed the competition, with 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' coming in a distant second.

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eagle213594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Michael Bay deserves this for being such a huge Blu-ray supporter from the start. :)

Iron Man Blu-ray hits September 30th. We will see if it can top this. Don't forget The Godfather Collection: The Coppola Restoration (Parts I-III Collection) hits September 23rd. :P

iHEARTboobs3594d ago

True, Michael bay did go with Blu-ray. I have this on DVD but I seriously want this one on Blu-ray too. It's a must!

eagle213594d ago

Video quality got 5/5. Overall got 5/5. :)

CViper3594d ago

They collected the bribe money, and released it on the other format anyway :)

okcomputer3594d ago

Nice, i've been waiting for the godfather trilogy in blu-ray since the day i got my ps3. Im a huge netflix fan and don't often buy movies, but thats a must have.

CadDad3594d ago

I picked up the blu-ray. If you are a DVD owner like me the blu-ray also comes with a $10 mail in rebate.

All you need is the UPC from both the DVD and the blu-ray along with the store reciept for the blu-ray.

It was quite impressive on the blu.


BattleAxe3594d ago

I just bought Transformers on Blu-Ray 2 days ago.

tordavis3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Michael Bay is an idiot. He should just keep making movies and shut his mouth. He claimed the Blu-Ray version looked better than the HD-DVD but they both use VC1 encoding. What a tool.

Anyways, I picked up the Blu-Ray yesterday. Compared the quality with my DVD. Very nice. Glad to have it.

hardmetal3594d ago

The Dark Knight is NEXT.

pwnsause3594d ago

Transformers on BLu-ray Uses the AVC codec. HD-DVD version did not use AVC. the Video in the BD version is superior.

madmike3594d ago

but transformers is sh.t and a big let down to any fan ps but does look good on blu-ray

tordavis3594d ago

@pwnsauce - I stand corrected on the codec. The HD-DVD version used AVC. So now explain to everyone here how the Blu-Ray is somehow superior even though it used the same codec(which was the point I was trying to make).

DJ3594d ago

And a higher bit-rate for the codec in use. Those two things are what held back HD-DVD in terms of quality (though honestly, most people aren't able to tell). What was noticed were missing features on the HD-DVD versions, like Harry Potter for instance.

bootsielon3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Torrance, before telling Michael to shut the f*** up, you should follow your own advice. Why is Bioshock coming out on Ps3 anyway? You were saying it was not gonna come out in spite of all the rumors and that the project was started at the same time as the 360 game, so before calling Michael a douche, look in the mirror. And by the way, Bay wasn't lying, the Blu-ray version has a higher bit-rate which means better sound and image quality. HD-DVD also used VC1, inferior to AVCHD which is the one Blu-ray uses for Transformers.

Anyway, I am gonna go clone yourself. I ate Gorditas with beans though, so I don't guarantee you're gonna come out perfectly integer.

tordavis3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

@Bootsilly - Sorry, both the HD-DVD & Blu-Ray versions of Transformers were encoded using AVC. Now explain to me how the Blu-Ray looks better?

Ken Levine said Bioshock wasn't coming out for the PS3. I quoted him. Go bark up his tree.

VF34EJ253594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

For Tordavis

"This is also a slight upgrade from the older HDDVD version as the VC1 encode at a slightly higher bit rate. It averages 32 mbps and in some spots reaches an amazing 40 mbps"

Blu-Rays have higher bit rates. Though most regular people probably cant tell the difference, but give it to a Videophile and they'll tell you everything.

I highly doubt you are a videophile or else you would do some research about bit rates.

EDIT: Here do some reading

Transformers Blu-Ray > Transformers HD-DVD

A normal casual non-technical person cant tell the difference. I think you fall under that category. Which is competely fine, but don't go spewing off "shut up michael bay you are wrong" when you are nowhere qualified to do so.

Sitdown3594d ago

I have to agree...I think the movie was underdeveloped.....and that ending seemed like an after thought. This movie in no way reminded me of the transformer cartoons of old. With that said, it is interesting that you thought this movie was bad....but have a picture of the lastest Rambo..haha

Xbox is the BEST3594d ago

there is no difference in the video quality, the sound is much better.

tordavis3594d ago

Several of the HD-DVD reviews have reported that it's AVC, not VC1. I am technical. You aren't. I've seen both the Blu-Ray and the HD-DVD versions. There is no difference in video quality.

Andronix3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Here's some technical specs.

Version: U.S.A - Disc One / Region Free
MPEG-4 AVC BD-50 1080p / 23.976fps / High Profile 4.1
Protection: AACS
BD-Java: Yes
Running time: 2:23:27 (h:m:s)
Movie size: 44,482,652,160 bytes
Disc size: 45,753,719,301 bytes
Dolby TrueHD 5.1 3659Kbps (48kHz/24-bit)
DD AC3 5.1 640Kbps French / Spanish
DD AC3 2.0 192Kbps English
DD+ AC3 2.0 192Kbps English
Subtitles: English / English SDH / French / Portuguese / Spanish
Number of chapters: 23
TOTAL BIT RATE: 41.34 Mbps

HD DVD Disc One Stats
Running time: 2:23:18 (h:m:s)
Movie size: 26,911,285,248 bytes
Disc size: 27,972,889,186 bytes
TOTAL BIT RATE: 25.03 Mbps

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El_Colombiano3594d ago

Great movie. Bay knew from the start Bluray was the best choice, and now we all see.

badz1493594d ago

now I really feel like I want one! Damn it, it's region locked!

eagle213594d ago

Not even 3% of total movie sales for any given year. Go cry about it pundits!!! :)

rawd3594d ago

Digital Downloads are the futureeeeeeeeeee
Bluray is meaninglessssssssss
weah weah weah

Drekken3594d ago

rawdddddd whereeeee isssss yourrrrr brainnnnnn

rawd3594d ago

I've lost it ever since I saw Olivia Munn's nipple


Pain3594d ago

all the movie company's will have made all there cash back from the Huge waste of time called Hi-rez dvd err lolHDDVD..

Then Blu-ray will go down in price and Really make some Spokesmen *cough* M$ falckys *cough* look Stupid...err...

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WINZLOW3594d ago

my best buy credit card for bluray but Socom is coming out soon and i only have $100 bucks left on it so if anyone wants to donate please contact me lol.

bebojet3594d ago

definitely a must have on blue ray.