Racism is Undead: Thoughts on RE 5 Sensitivity

GotGame Writes: "Ever since the announcement that the 5th installment of Capcom's hit franchise Resident Evil would be set in Africa, I knew there would be trouble. With the trailer filled with images of black Africans carrying rakes, causing violence, and being shot: it played out pretty much exactly as I expected…"

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HighDefinition3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

I`m "black" more brown actually. LOL.

Anyone trippin about this sh!t, needs to grow the f**k up.

I love that games are getting set in Africa more and more.

If Chris was "black/brown" it would be OK, which IMO, is more racist.

Was it CRACKDOWN labeled racist? was GTA:SA labeled racist?

See what I`m saying.

name3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

If africans made a game about some african going to europe and killing europeans you feel that no one would find anything wrong with it? No one would accuse the game of "reverse racism"? Really now? I'm pretty sure you'd see a million posts saying "oh if we did this we'd be racist". And people did have a problem with san andreas, just not black people. I know I'll get massive disagrees, but that's the truth. Do I think the game is racist? Of course not. Do I think capcom had any bad intentions? Of course not. Does the game bother me? Of course not. Does it bother me that the only racism that seems to be okay to criticize is al sharpton and jesse jackson's? Yes.