PAIN Amusement Park Open! writes:

"The Amusement Park is OPEN FOR BUSINESS! I'm really happy to announce the release of PAIN Amusement Park today. If you have been on the "PAIN Train" since the beginning you know this has been a long time coming. If you have never played PAIN before, it's about time you found out why we have so much fun hurting ourselves and others."

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vitz33746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Yes finally we can be nickel-and dimed for the rest of our money.

I'm sorry but Pain is crap, 1 level and two skins for $10? Give me a f-ing break. I'd preferr to buy a full game and not pay for a demo thanks.

Pain is the biggest rip-off on PSN, plain and simple.

It took them a whole year to make ONE freaking level? Oh wow. Massive fail Travis, massive fail.

El_Colombiano3746d ago

Thank you! You feel my pain vitz3. Bubbles for seeing the truth in this matter.

vitz33746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Bub'd right back. Be sure to let Travis know how much his game sucks.

OK, It's fun to play. For 10 minutes. It's just the fact that they shamelessly try to squeeze every penny out of us. What the hell was stopping them from making a complete $8-14 package?

Admit it, it's all just some lame marketing scheme.

El_Colombiano3746d ago

Well it's not that it sucks, it the devs that make this game bad. They charge for EVERYTHING. Plus, the characters you buy for a dollar a piece are just reworked from previous NPCs. Huge rip if you ask me. Great concept, horrible execution.

Darkiewonder3746d ago

Don't like what they are doing don't buy it. It can't do you harm if you don't have the game.

El_Colombiano3746d ago

I have the damned game. I bought it with my money and was expecting way more for my money. The map is just as much as the full game. Its highway robbery.

Darkiewonder3746d ago

You should have read more impression then if you are so concern with your money. Just like buying a ps3 at such a high price.

Nitrowolf23746d ago

ok i'll agree it is a bit of a rip-off, but i actually enjoyed the game. Im not buying characters, for they should be free. I was hoping this add-on was at 4.99 rather then 5.99

El_Colombiano3746d ago

Nitrowolf2, I never said it wasn't fun. I just said that the way they want to nickle and dime you is absurd.

Nitrowolf23746d ago

o, ya i knew you didnt say that, i got wat your saying, i mean ya its a ripoff for character that do absolutly nothing i mean i would buy them if they each had there own little section of the map that cant be assecced or something but other wise they should be free since they do nothing pretty much.
but the game is fun once you get into it

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CViper3746d ago

If you don't like it, or the pricing. Crying about it here isn't going to do anything. Add to the comments on the blog, maybe they will change. But they decided that the price for their hard work is set at what it is.

Pain isn't really a "level" game in the first place. So you can't make the argument that its "1 level for 10 dollars omg omg cry cry cry" Its about getting your high score. Thats about it.

If you don't like it, don't buy it. Others will if they want. Its the reason they are making the add on.

El_Colombiano3746d ago

Others will buy it, your right. That's the sad part, as this will encourage other devs to do the same, rip us off. But hey, if you like to get ripped, go right ahead (that last part was not directed to you, but to anybody).