Halo: Real Life Energy Sword

GameXtract writes "Are you overly obsessive about the Halo series. Is master chief, and his buddies totally turning you on? Do you fantasize about Halo weapons in real life? Then the real life energy sword is totally for you. Masterreplicas has created their very own energy sword that you can use to show just how geeky you really are. Check out the video showing off the glowing sword after the jump."

Get a look at the energy sword video after the jump.

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DavidMacDougall3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

God help us all , well at least no one can blow there head off with it

Hentai3601d ago

I gotta get me one of those flash lights.

El_Colombiano3601d ago

Sad, sad little country we live in. I bet the world is laughing at us for being so obsessed with this game.

Eiffel3601d ago

Most of the world is obsessed with it, my friend plays against more Euro's than Americans constantly. so its more people who don't play this game that are doing the laughing.