Could The Agency have PC/PS3 cross-platform play?

Bigdownload-Ever since Sony Online announced plans to release their spy action MMO game The Agency for both the PC and PS3 many journalists have asked if the game could have cross-platform play with players from both existing in the same world. Gamasutra states that the answer is, "Yes.". In fact, Sony Online's producer on the game, Matt Wilson, states, " . . . we're actually doing that at the office. Technology-wise, it's really not that complicated."

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sonarus3453d ago

Didn't the devs already say no to this?

Xakep3453d ago

They've been pretty warm to the idea as far as I know, I mean there's no negative reasons they SHOULDN'T do it. The game would be that more populated and when it comes to MMO's, population is a lot.

PimpHandStrong3453d ago

why do i want to play with PC ppl using a mouse and key board

no thanks

PSN will have well over 12million users by the time this game comes PC users can just keep to themselfs

Charmers3453d ago

You act as if PC gamers want this, erm no thanks why would I want to play against a console gamer ? I junked my 360 to get away from console gamers like you.

The only way they will be able to do cross platform gaming is if they gimp the PC control system after all I can't see Sony letting their beloved fans be at a disadvantage with their joypad. Either way it is a moot point "The Agency" will bomb and die on the PC anyway so there will be no point to cross platform.

bunbun7773453d ago

That instead of gimping the controls they will sell more keyboards and mice to ps3 owners--- another idea---- multiple exclusive servers so you choose what server you have- port exclusive or cross platform server.

Denges3453d ago

if so.. ps3 better have keyboard and mouse support

bunbun7773453d ago

so that's a good thing-