Thirty Minutes of Fun: How Wii Sports Made the Wii

"The Wii is nothing short of a phenomenon. Rising from the ruins of the Gamecube, the Wii has dominated the console war despite being the least technically robust console on the market. In less than two years, the Wii has a user base 50% bigger than the Gamecube amassed in five years. But astute research shows that the Wii also has the least critically acclaimed games. Unlike the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3, the Wii is not selling because of a "killer app" like Halo or standing on the shoulders of a console giant like the PlayStation 2. The Wii has become a phenomenon because of Wii Sports and the thirty minutes of fun it provides."

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Product3544d ago

The only reason why there is less games is because of third parties not stepping up till now.Nintendo imo always brings the games.Its the other third party companies that kinda put nintendo on the side lines for most of there game franchises.Now that the wii is starting to put that"fad" claim to bed your starting to notice more of the companies that Nintendo built coming back to the forefront.Even companies that wasnt goign to give Nintendo a chance(rockstar) are now seeing the money to be made with the wii and thats what it all comes down to.Nintendo titles do well and can sell just as much as any "killer app" that Sony or Microsoft have.
Btw even with the most "hardcore" titles i cant sit and play ANY of them for more then an hour.

Vizion263544d ago

Give the Wii time. Third parties will start releasing their AAA games for it as they were late to jump on the Wii bandwagon (whoever thought the Wii would be so popular?). It will be like the DS... in it's third year it had a lot of great third party games.