TGS and PSLS on more Home issues


Last week saw a new bond built between That Gaming Site and

PlayStation LifeStyle. We successfully worked on our first joint article, which gained much attention from you viewers. We saw arguments flare between the commenter's. If you would like to read the full post, go to either link TGS, PSLS.

Our follow up article is once again about Home, but this time we won't be talking about how Microsoft will respond. Instead we will be talking about a few "rumoured" feature drops and a major "rumoured" feature. This is going to be one interesting post folks!

I will take it everybody reading knows about Home, so won't even give it a background briefing. Lets just get straight into it.

There has been two major "rumoured" feature drops for Home and when I say major it is MAJOR! Video and music sharing is supposedly being removed from the Home feature list. There is always a silver lining though. We have been hearing about a new feature, a great new feature that I hope to be true, Multiple user log on's. Lets kick of the OPINIONS then.

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DavidMacDougall3508d ago

IF!! i dont get this soon im going to throw all my stuff out the window until my room is empty and pretend i have it !

Just wait to see what i do when i dont get the killzone2 beta !!?? :(

chaosatom3508d ago

they could market the hell out of LBP.

PimpHandStrong3508d ago

is why music and video sharing was even considered

i understand why ppl would love it but copy right issues are no joke! It would have been nice if i could play my music for ppl that enter my HOME space.

Im not going to have ppl over in my HOME space to watch movies!

but give me a card table and let me play my music that would be crazy cool!

Iceberg0323508d ago

everyone can understand that Sony will be worried about people sharing videos and music online but like most people say it's all about gaming so as long a HOME works great with games everything will be all good!!

TheColbertinator3508d ago

Whta the hell is Playstation lifestyle?

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