Thunderbolt: Metal Slug 7 Review

It's not that Metal Slug 7 is a bad game. Far from it. As far as the DS's library goes, it's only outdone by Contra 4 in terms of sheer run-and-gun gameplay quality. Nor is this game a mediocrity-fest that plagued a couple of other games in the series; it definitely ranks among the best installments. This title does all the right things in terms of challenge, weapons, character options, and level designs. The problem is that it rarely goes beyond what's been previously established; aside from a few insanely awesome boss fights and a handful of fancy new throwaway underlings to ravage, nearly all of your foes have been plucked from the older titles.

Don't let that stop you from importing this game, though. In fact, it'd be surprising if all of you hardcore fans haven't given this a whirl already. Combat School challenges aside, Metal Slug 7 has everything that made the series great in the first place. So do yourself a favor and play this. General Morden deserves another ass-kicking.

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