NZGamer: Sharky's Air Legends & XNA Creator's Club Interview

NZGamer writes: "There have been some really cool new developments lately in the Xbox Live arena, most interestingly the introduction of Xbox Live Arcade Community games, which will allow users to sell their games for between $2.50 and $10 US per download (playable on PCs or Xbox 360s).

Making this all happen is the XNA Creator Club, part toolset, part forum, and part peer group. Game makers who are keen to join up and get busy putting their stuff out there can join the Microsoft XNA Creator Club, download the XNA toolkit, and once they've created their game, submit it to the Creator Club for peer review. If your game gets the go-ahead, you can expect to see it up there on the Xbox Live Marketplace, where players can try a demo, and if they like, pay you for all the sweat you've put into it.

But how straightforward is it really? And what sort of chances are there for kiwis hoping to make it big on the international scene? To find out, NZGamer tracked down Lawrence Hodson, creator of the very cool Sharky's Air Legends, a game that's already been making a serious impression on the powers-that-be, featuring in several Microsoft showcases, demonstrating just what the XNA toolkit's capable of. We asked Lawrence about gaming, making games, and his impressions of the XNA Creator's Club."

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