Top 10 Horror games for Halloween

Quays News: "In order to get into the holiday spirit, why not wrap up warm, hide away from the trick or treaters and put on a good horror film? Well, films are overrated – what will really scare your pants off is any one of our top 10 picks for horror games."

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opinionated755d ago

I will be playing until dawn and condemned criminal origins again. Condemned is BC on Xbox one if you haven't played it. It smokes every game on that list. Outlast number 1 lol.

snoopgg755d ago (Edited 755d ago )

Yeah had it on my 360. I played it through my Bose with the lights off. Running through the store with the mannequins was frightening. The drug addicts yelling at you from the dark scared the shat out of me too. This was one of my favorite games on the 360.

opinionated755d ago

Play it again bro! It holds up to this day, it's not nostalgia goggles. I wouldn't lie to you.