Ensemble: Is Halo Wars going to suck now?

Via Official Halo Wars wesbite:

"That's a totally fair question. The Ensemble Studios' closure announcement certainly affects the perception of Halo Wars. Despite that risk, we put our people first. Telling our employees ASAP was the right thing to do. I give Microsoft quite a bit of credit for letting us do that.

Finishing the game will be harder now, but it will get done and be great."

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Dlacy13g3379d ago

AKA, MS has their new console RTS division. Look for Console version of Age of Empires in the future and kiss the future PC versions goodbye.

running rampid3379d ago

short answer. NO, i don't think it will suck.

Fux4Bux3379d ago

I'm sure it's going to be just as terrible.

Rock Bottom3379d ago

Ensemble hasn't made a sucky game yet, I'm sure it will be something worth playing, however, they haven't made an "AAA" game since the first Age of Empire, IMHO.

predator3379d ago

I think it will be awesome

Panthers3379d ago

Im just going to say I hope... I also hope for a PC port.

BigKev453379d ago

It was going to suck either way.

blackbeld3379d ago

All HALO series are extremely overhyped. correction all 360 games are extremely overhyped!!

Freezingduck3379d ago

"is...going" vs. ""

AngryXbot3378d ago

Since when was this generic RTS for CONSOLES for crying out loud ever going to be great to begin with?

This game was just another Too Human.

Its a generic RTS and its made for consoles. RTS dont work on consoles no matter what people claim.

The only exception may be for the PS3 because PS3 can use keyboard and mouse.

Covenant3379d ago

Looks like the Random Disagree Monster is loose again...

As for the topic...I sure hope not.

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The story is too old to be commented.