Resident Evil 5 : more than 400 people are working on it

Capcom has revealed some very interesting details about Resident Evil 5 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in its latest press release.

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Hellsvacancy3595d ago

389 of them r playing it Lol

Sorry that was a poor joke

xaphanze3595d ago

LOL it was funny.Bubbles for you.

KobeT243594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

LBP Only has 25 developers working on it and 23 of them are on a a very long coffee break.

But really 400? seems like alot to me. Looks like nothing is being held back.

mikeslemonade3594d ago

How long has it been in development? Some of the team must have been helping on Lost Planet, Dead Rising, or DMC4. Nothing we have seen so far makes us go "wow 400 people are working on this".

barom3594d ago

I think it's more like, the core is 100 and then all these other guys come in and out as they are needed.

If not then I personally think Capcom lacks talent. I mean 400 people and they haven't been able to evolve that much from RE4? I mean everyone keeps saying Dead Space is better (of those who have played both) and it's made by EA.

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rebirthofcaos3595d ago

sadly it is going to be a crap game thanks to the 360 dvd ><

DavidMacDougall3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Yeah its a shame 50gb of space , they could have more z0mb13's onscreen , nicer textures , crisper uncompressed audio but the bots dont care about this game they have the "New Xbot Live Experience" they will be to busy with that and all its ripped off glory

Disagrees = Im right and your 2 busy crying 2 talk

borgome3595d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Why did you spell "zombies" with numbers, thats odd. Oh and I disagree because everything you said is your opinion.

LarVanian3595d ago

400 people are working on a game thats basically going to be Resident Evil 4 with a new paint job?

borgome3595d ago

Would you rather have them come out with totally different gameplay mechanics and a completely different control scheme that nobody will like. Of course its going to be similar to number 4, because it was freaking awesome.

LarVanian3595d ago

Yeah, I would prefer it if RE5 went back to being a "Survival horror" game instead of an "Action game with unlimited ammo".
Also would it kill Capcom to add some new enemy animations?

Panthers3595d ago

I also wish that it wasnt a "shoot people in the head" fest. But I will love it no doubt

Mr_Kuwabara3594d ago

I hear (read) ya man. It would be great if they could bring RE back to its roots and not make it a third person shooter like the 4th one.

borgome3594d ago

Did you even play the fourth one. Its not third person, its over the shoulder perspective, like GeOW.

Mr_Kuwabara3594d ago

Borgome, that's what third person shooters are..

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PimpHandStrong3595d ago

MGS4 had a team of 200 and took 3-4 years

this game better rule

i think it will

3595d ago
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