Uncharted Movie Gets Put On Fast Track With A New Director

Nathan Drake's trip to the silver screen just got a big boost, as the studio has announced a new director for the project, and it's a fantastic choice.

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ShadowKnight700d ago (Edited 700d ago )

Hope it does well. Shawn Levy did a great job directing a few of Stranger Things episodes. That show was very interesting.

-Foxtrot700d ago

Shawn Levy is not a good director. I'm seeing this "oh he did Stranger Things" argument being made and I'm sorry but that doesn't mean shit. He only did like 2 episodes and produced some others. That's it. He didn't write the show or create it, a shit load of the input would have came from the creators like they did on each episode. If the Duffer Brothers were making Uncharted then I'd understand but they aren't. It's like people saying he was heavily involved with Arrival (great new film coming up) when he only produced it, that's the finance side of things usually.

Remember when Sonic Boom was coming out and people were defending the game because the developers had NaughtyDog veterans in it? People assumed that because it had people from an amazing studio that it somehow meant the game was going to be great however in the end it was pretty bad. Just because your name is attached to something successful does not mean everything from it, big or small is going to be good. If Shawn had an amazing track record and was also on Stranger Things I'd understand but look at his films, they are not pretty. To name his films.

The Internship, Cheaper By the Dozen, The Pink Panther remake, Just Married, Date Night, Big Fat Liar

See what I mean, not even a film which resembles Uncharted. He's just another poor choice for a director that hopefully won't be sticking around, I don't see why they want this film to happen so badly. To be honest I don't know why I'm getting mad, I'm making this argument but at the end of the day it will suck like every other video game film. I think it just pains me more because this game would be easy to develop into a film since half the work has already been do but Hollywood just like to overcomplicate thing resulting in these adaptations to be terrible.

Stogz699d ago

Agreed, Shawn Levy is the king of forgettable garbage movies. This is such a bummer, almost anyone else would be better.

C-H-E-F700d ago

Season 2 will be awesome sauce netflix need to hurry up :D

Iltapalanyymi700d ago

nice i was just recently thinking that how is the production of this movie coming along

miyamoto700d ago (Edited 700d ago )

I hope they cast Hugh Jackman as Joel

camel_toad700d ago

Sorry but the SJW's rule the world today so Joel will be played by a black female actress.

Ristul700d ago

Leslie Jones got the role, after her outstanding performance in female Ghost Busters!

700d ago
rainslacker699d ago

So we're getting a Nadine spin off?

Hope they don't make her all sassy. That seems to be a current trend for black females in media.

700d ago
SaveFerris700d ago

Based on his directing credits, it is an interesting choice, but maybe he convinced the producers with his vision for the movie. All we can do is wait and see.

Kyosuke_Sanada700d ago

I would have went with Stephen Sommers......

Stogz699d ago

Thank you for naming someone actually worse than Shawn Levy...

Kyosuke_Sanada699d ago

How's that? He did a great job with the first and second Mummy movies which is similar to Uncharted.

Stogz699d ago

@Kyosuke_Sanada ok, but would you say he did a good job with the first GI Joe? Or Van Helsing?? Guy is terrible.

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The story is too old to be commented.