Why 3D platformers are due for a comeback

Though the 3D platformer genre is in decline, it's far from permanently dead.

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Moonman634d ago

It's time for a Donkey Kong Country but in 3D. Or a sequel to Donkey Kong 64. Nintendo can let Playtonic make it.....exclusive of course. ;p

vikingland1632d ago (Edited 632d ago )

That would be great! plus I've always wanted another like Mario 64. They could make awesome 3D platformers with the power of todays consoles they would be beautiful.

Retroman632d ago

Any Platformer be Excellent with the power of todays consoles . Treasure and Wayforward would make awesome 3D Platformers.

vikingland1632d ago (Edited 632d ago )

Yuke Yuke trouble makers by Treasure was fantastic.

PhoenixUp634d ago

Ratchet & Clank '16 & Mirror's Edge: Catalyst were great 3D platformers this year

EmperorDalek632d ago

Ratchet was good, but I want more pure platformers. The first Jak is a good example, and it still holds up well to this day.

Retroman632d ago

The Reboot R&C was too easy . All in all ok, wish it was exact copy of original first game with better Graphics .

higgins78632d ago

I own a WiiU. Trust me, 3D platformers are still going strong. The only reason they are in decline is Sony and Microsoft all but gave up on them, knowing Nintendo owns this genre and any 'competition' fell way short. Also, I prefer the mix of 2D and 3D. It shouldn't all be just 3D.

Utalkin2me632d ago (Edited 632d ago )

Enlighten me on some great 3d platformers that have came out this year on the WiiU, i need some new games to pick up on my WiiU.

sullynathan632d ago

Did Microsoft ever have any 3D platforms exclusives?

vikingland1632d ago (Edited 632d ago )

@ sullynathan
Kameo Elements of Power is the only one I can think of. Never really thought about it. I'm a multi console owner so I always have options.

Edit: They might have more on the 360 due to indies last gen.

sdcard4gb632d ago

Were they ever gone ? XD

Relientk77632d ago

Ratchet & Clank (PS4) is amazing. Can't wait for Yooka Laylee

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