PAIN patch adds trophies and more ... if you pay for it

PS#Fanboy reported today that long-awaited PAIN trophy patch is now available to download. Simply load up the game and you will be prompted to download the 325MB patch. Don't forget, PAIN's trophies have been retooled, to make them a bit easier than originally intended. The patch also adds a bunch of content to the game -- but only if you pay for it. Three new characters are available to purchase, along with the new "Abusement Park" (though none of these are available on any region's PSN Store as of yet). There are also new game modes which, we assume, come with the Amusement Park expansion.


Copied title from the main page of PS3Fanboy instead of the actual article headline. The proper title should be as follows:

PAIN patch adds trophies and, if you pay for it, more

Sorry for confusion.

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Darkiewonder3541d ago

The amusement park pack it's already up. use the in-game Buy when you go to pick the level. [NA version for those wondering]

HighDefinition3541d ago

Will do wonders for this game.

3541d ago
El_Colombiano3541d ago

They charge for EVERYTHING. Idol Minds is disgusting. I regret buying Pain, seriously. And if you disagree/take away a bubble then reply.

chasegamez3541d ago

im buying it
my kids love this game

SullyDrake3541d ago

For a fun Trophy weekend.

t_tocs3541d ago

You know, I'm actually considering buying this game. I love trophies/achievements and this game always looked neat.

SilPho3541d ago

For what it's worth, the game really is worth the money if you can play it multi-player, you don't need multiple controllers for most of the modes, just some friends who want to hurl people into things.

And the purchasable content is available in the UK, purchase them in game like Darkiewonder said

WeaseL3541d ago

The title is a bit misleading it makes it sound like you have to pay for the patch but its free.

solidt123541d ago

I have been waiting for this Patch. I can't wait to get my trophies in this game. The new park is a must buy.

Mr_Bun3541d ago

I have been waiting for this since the trailers first started coming out!

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The story is too old to be commented.