How 'Gears of War 2' Breaks The Fourth Wall And Acknowledges Its Own Ridiculousness

"Gears of War" is dark and serious, but even Epic Games and Microsoft recognize there's much about their shooter franchise that's over-the-top.

When former comics writer Joshua Ortega was brought on to work on the story for "Gears of War 2," the guys at Epic had to reel him in a bit.

While he was brought on to flesh out the world, Ortega would constantly question the feasibility of the game's weapons and gameplay conventions.

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Nevers3538d ago

Well... everytime I pass by copies of Vampire Rain in the store, you have to listen really closely but I can totally hear them ridiculing each other for sucking sooooo badly.

InMyOpinion3538d ago

That game was beyond horrible.

TheColbertinator3538d ago

Vampire Rain is a broken abysmal abortion.It is the peak of failure alongside Superman 64

Nevers3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

lol... yeah

"abysmal abortion" I've actually heard them calling themselves that.

Rich16313538d ago

I hate when games break the fourth disrupts the illusion and takes me out of the world the developers tried so hard to immerse me in. Metal Gear Solid 1 and 4 did that, especially 4 which did it a ton of times, with the references to the controller, the playstation 3, the first game, blu-ray, talking directly to me at one point when fighting Screaming Mantis, the quick flashes of the Playstations 1-3 and the logos etc. I hate that crap.

Fishy Fingers3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

I kind of like it, sometimes I get so rapped up in "kill him... Shoot him... get to the door", I become to objective based, to linear in my approach. Taking a minute to remind me this is only a game (and should be fun) helps me to step back and appreciate it all a little more. Well for at least 10 minutes.

thor3537d ago

But in MGS it's all about breaking the 4th wall. It's where most of the humour comes from

Raiden! Turn off the game console right now!


Rich16313537d ago

The funniest one though was in the first game, towards the end, with Campbell

He says something like: "Okay, you have been playing for 4 hours already...don't you think that's enough?!?"

A minute later

"Seriously...go outside or something, don't you have something better to do?"

snakeater33537d ago

actually that was mgs2 when the ai goes haywire......."i need scissors ! 61!!"

Sitdown3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

you did not love the intro loading screen for MGS 4?.....I did. Anyhoo....I must suck at being a gamer, because I don't think I have ever been caught up in the illusion of the game. Perhaps it has something to do with me being aware that I am just playing a game.....and I don't really relate to running around with a game shooting people. Perhaps if there was a game a little bit more realistic and hit home to what I deal with in life..

Mr_Kuwabara3537d ago

I thought that in MGS2, the "FISSION MAILED" part was sort of breaking a wall there. =)

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PimpHandStrong3538d ago

MGS makes fun of its self alot.....

i like when games do that....

PirateThom3538d ago

Yeah, I was about to say, Metal Gear Solid more or less perfected breaking the fourth wall (RE: Psycho Mantis/Screaming Mantis) and has many tounge in cheek moments.

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