Mad World online features part of ongoing "discussions"

Platinum Games confirmed at Game Convention that online Mad World features are being considered.

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Product3417d ago

What online features coudl there be???co-op?

noname1083417d ago

i hope it's some type of death match and co op

Product3417d ago

true...funny how this game isnt getting more comments about it........makes me wonder why people complain about core games..they come them nothing is said about them.

ChickeyCantor3417d ago

Said it before, if there is one they ignore it if they notice it they bash it, in the end there are no "core" games =).
yeah i know.

jorgeanaya0003417d ago

Wonder what they're considering. Co-op could be a good idea if it suits the game, but I don't see it.

Gr813417d ago

@Sidar, Thanks for giving me a good chuckle, very well said.

Product, it is funny isn't it? Ppl complain about Wii not having "core" games (whatever that means) Yet the ones that are coming they certainly do bash or ignore them. It makes me seriously wonder if these ppl (who complain about Nintendo not caring about the hardcore) don't even own the Wii. or as some admit they played it for 5 minutes lol

N4g_null3416d ago

When you think about it they probably can't get their hands on a Wii. I mean I remember when I was going to get mine and I head to a best buy early in the morning to see now girl walking out holding it like a baby really I was pissed! LOL Then After hearing about wally world having some I found out when there trucks came in LOL I got one! If some thing is not in stock I usually find a replacement for it but it's too bad the PS3 did not chose to compete against them too bad really.

Yet but I'm betting most of these gamers are simply against other people being into gaming. I think they also may not be able to get a system which could very well be true as lots of hardcore gamers truly did believe nintendo was holding systems back... yet some how still crushing the competition LOL. That would be pretty ballsy.

I mean really if you don't have one how are you going to play Bwii or even get through metroid there is no hope in hell that people can walk through metroid the game is built for skill only. Hey but what ever gets them through this gen. The more they ignore the more good games that will appear. The same happened in the PS2.

Lots of games simply are not going to come out on the HD systems because they are too hardcore to warrant the production.

Product3417d ago

Sad because this seems like a promising title.Beat em up games are not really made any more.......revive the genre.
@ Arius
lol i laughed at the 5 minutes joke.

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