Rise of the Tomb Raider & XCOM 2 have sold one million copies each on Steam

It took them a while, but both Rise of the Tomb Raider and XCOM 2 were able to sell more than one million copies on Steam. This information comes from Steamspy’s database, meaning that it’s pretty much accurate.

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SCW1982661d ago

It's my biggest disappointment of the year. Inferior to the 2013 remake in every way. Feels like a giant glorified DLC and I don't know how the combat in this game gets a pass. It's terrible.

TheDetective661d ago

you got that right the input lag is a pain. makes aiming a pain in the ass

SCW1982661d ago (Edited 661d ago )

@the detective
I didn't have any input lag cause I was on PC but even without it the combat is so sloppy and unrefined. Can't stand the acting in the game either. Reads like a 12 year old wrote the script. Just disappointing on all fronts. And that end battle even on hard was so ridiculously exploitable it's like they ran out of time to make a decent final encounter. Just really wondering if I played the same game as IGN and Gameinformer. And don't get me started on the horrible pacing.

kranker661d ago

Great news for two great games

Hoffmann661d ago

Only one of them is great.

TheColbertinator661d ago

X-Com 2 still driving me nuts.

ThePope661d ago (Edited 661d ago )

I just started it. Why do you say that? I've enjoyed it but its much less forgiving than the first one. At least so far.


oof46661d ago

I think you answered your own question.

"I've enjoyed it but its much less forgiving than the first one."

TheColbertinator661d ago

Towards the end it gets downright brutal. Only beat it on normal so far unlike X-COM EU where I completed every difficulty.

BlackTar187661d ago

Didn't find Normal hard at all or cheap Commander is a bit cheap. A ton of 70-80% shots missing at the begining of the game.

ThePope661d ago

Yeah I'm not very far into the game but I find if you don't flank the enemy no matter how high the chance to hit is you have a tendency to miss.

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Hoffmann661d ago

Those X-Com 2 sale numbers are great, hope we will see more X-Com in the future

ONESHOTV2661d ago (Edited 661d ago )

good job to both rise and xcom hopefully both will keep selling even more copies. i have both xcom enemy unknown and the expansion on steam but i have yet to pick up two maybe i will later when i have time

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The story is too old to be commented.