Diablo 3 Colour vs. Desaturated Movie

In another chapter to the ever-simmering hot potatoe that is Diablo 3's art direction Sozou has altered the WWI gameplay video to compare it to a desaturated version. Up to now disgruntled fans have tinkered with screengrabs of the video which Blizzard claimed do not illustrate how the game would look in motion if the colour palette was toned down. This altered movie much better illustrates the effect a murkier colour palette would have on a playable version.

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Leord3600d ago

Oh, for god's sake, can't they drop it already?!

kalos3600d ago

I agree, this art direction thing is just banged on about too much. blizzard haven't exactly done badly with their previous attempts to be original, so let them at least get the product out. If it flunks, you can point and say "We told you so" then, but somehow I doubt that will happen. Maybe they're include three graphical settings: High, Low, and Whiner; to satify the three apparent groups that will be playing the game.

Wuushu3600d ago

I'd go with a in-between of those two.

thetamer3600d ago

This is going to be a mash up! I love Diablo, it's the root of all evil.

Maticus3600d ago

I think it looks fine, some people just want to get that chip of their shoulder.

kalos3600d ago

I prefer my chips served in newspaper, with a dash of salt actually. If they've ended up on your shoulder, you've just missed your mouth :D

dexterwang3600d ago

Say what you guys want, but the desaturated one just looks much creepier and atmospheric... your character's light contrast vs the darkness of his surroundings really convey his presense there is unwelcomed. The dried out colors also makes the colorful skills much more dramatic.

That being said, its a bit too monotonic... a mix between the orginal and the edited one would be perfect.

Also notice how he introduced the "light radius" back into the game, which looks fantastic and very diablo. Its funny how during the developer interview they said they tried it and it lookd terrible... maybe they simply need to take some programming lessons? If you want to do horror right, you need darkness- colors you can argue, but darkness... you need.

StrawHatKid3600d ago

Two things horror games require. It needs good music and it has to be hard to beat.

Elly3600d ago

The dungeons in D2 were so dark it was needed but applied to D3 and its 3d engine it doesn't look good. Jay Wilson has said that light radius may be added in some parts of the game, if it's needed. It hasn't been needed in what we've seen so far because there is ample atomospheric lighting.

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The story is too old to be commented.