Demo: FIFA 09

Major Nelson writes: "Download the demo for FIFA 09 and play professional football with more responsive first-time shooting, passing, one-touches plus faster and more controlled dribbling and improved trapping. Plus try new Custom Team Tactics and make your favourite team play the way you want them to as if you are the first team coach. In-stores October 3, 2008 in Europe and Oct 14 in North America and Asia; visit for more info."

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super bill3600d ago

same old fifa to me nothing new.shouldee gameplay,just like madden o9,s gameplay evo still the game to have.

jromao3600d ago

I played 4 games in this DEMO and nothing new, just another game/version over hyped from EA, poor game play, some flaws, animations not well implemented with the speed players move, well it's poor, and the new Ball physics (for the first time in FIFA) they announced isn't more than ridiculous.

I was honestly thinking to grab one copy from the stores but this DEMO was useful to my decision, NO FIFA 09, maybe next year they can improve enough.

Wotbot3600d ago

demo is ok, but PES still has the gameplay.

okcomputer3600d ago

Stuck at work so I can't dl the demo, how are the passing and shooting game? That was my big issue with 08, and what brought me back to pes.

Deadlyhifi3600d ago

I'm a big Fifa fan.. and probably always will be.. Not sure what I was expecting with this release and have only played one gameso far.. but it doesn't seem too different so far. The first touch is defo better and the power sysem seems a little different when passing/shooting.

Other than that.. so far the same...

dragunrising3600d ago

I'm curious when the exclusive European Xbox 360 controller update will come Stateside... One of my controllers broke and I'm hesitant to buy another controller until the improved D-pad controller comes out. :-p

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